Well, where do I start?  My hope for this blog, is to start discussions on matters that are topical and relevant to the present, while sharing views on our evaluations of the past; with a particular focus on its influence today.  My intention is to maintain a lighthearted, but serious forum, and I respectfully request that when discussing matters deserving of proper reverence, all contributors, please abide.


None of us can have all the answers or comprehensive truths, so all we really have is a chance to discuss the questions, and hope that the collation of facts and considered evaluations, can begin to shed some light on what I describe as the 'Dark Matter of modern history'.  More about my thesis later.  Because of the variety of the subjects I intend to broach, I am acutely aware of the fact that there are those who are not prepared to approach these matters as respectfully as I intend.  As such, I do not wish to be an arbiter of debate, but I further respectfully request that all contributors maintain a level of civility when presenting their thoughts.


 The main site is currently 'under construction', but when I am up and running, visitors will quickly be aware of a 'warning sign'.  This will relate to the matter of ad hominem argumentation.   Opinions are one thing, however, unproductive, deceptive and detracting ad hominem argumentation is strictly discouraged.  The reader may have already noticed, on the left column of this blog, a Link Sensitivity Rating range (click the range for more).  I hope we can all stay true to the humble study of the past, for how can we otherwise be true to our intentions for change in the future?


Spoon fed


My relationships with the topics I intend to raise have been long, personal and often turbulent.  In particular, the study of Zionism and its influence today.  What becomes very clear to anyone who attempts 'extensive' study of any wide reaching topic, is that the possible answers are equally wide ranging, and mostly non-exclusive.  The more you learn, the more you realise how much more there can only be still to learn.  On this point, I like to make reference to a popular scene from modern cinema.  Essentially, I am an advocate of the idea that there is no spoon.  By this I mean, currently, I believe that until we can appreciate that reviewing the past cannot be done by seeing it as a thing, we cannot be ready to allow ourselves the freedom to remember that it is actually everything.


This blog, and the parent site, are not meant to be rigorously scholarly pieces, but instead the presentation of our collective arguments to be used as the basis for a much more 'credible', in depth and scholarly evaluation of various, properly presented, ideas about Zionism and its importance today.  I do not intend to question historiography generally, however there will be topics where I hope to respectfully tackle the issue. 


I hope, when necessary, our discussions can keep away from the temptation of getting bogged down in the distractions of what can often be moot points.  Clarity and detail are vital, but emotive and distracting argumentation are of no use to anyone.  In discussions of a delicate nature, an overall clinical, respectful and considered tone is strongly encouraged.  Unless of course you are able to legitimately 'profess', let us all proceed with an understanding that we can not be but students.